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Arc Reactors from left to right: Mini-Arc Reactor, Palladium Arc Reactor & Vibranium Arc Reactor

Arc Reactors are devices used by Iron Man to power his suits. Originally created by Howard Stark, his son Tony, whom would later become the "Armored Avenger", later miniaturized it to be used to power an electromagnet that kept shrapnel away from his heart and later his original armor to escape from the terrorist group known as the "Ten Rings". Upon returning to the States, he made an updated version of the reactor to power newer versions of the suit. Though Stark's shrapnel was eventually removed, Iron Man's suits would all have an Arc Reactor implemented for their power.

In the Mod

Most Iron Man suits in the Superheroes Unlimited mod require an Arc Reactor in their crafting recipes. In pre-Legends Mod versions, they can be crafted in a Stark Workbench, though the Mini-Arc Reactor is available via the Hero Maker. In the Legends Mod, the Arc Reactors can be crafted in a Crafting Table, due to the loss of crafting interface for the Workbench. If the player commits to the Stark legacy, an Arc Reactor will appear on their model.


To craft the Mini-Arc Reactor, you will need:

To craft the Palladium Arc Reactor, you will need:

To craft the Vibranium Arc Reactor, you will need: