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Black Canary is a superheroine published by DC Comics. First appearing in Flash Comics #86 (August 1947), she is a world class martial artist with the ability to pitch her voice at ultra-sonic levels. Black Canary is one of DC's best known female characters, due to her involvement with various teams such as the Justice Society of America and Birds of Prey, and frequent partnerships with Green Arrow. Added in version 4.3.5 of the Superheroes Unlimited mod, Black Canary's costume can be crafted and worn by the player, giving them access to her abilities and power. Though removed during the transition to version 5.0, she eventually returned as part of the Legends Mod in version 4.0.


The identity of Black Canary has been shared by two women: Dinah Drake and Dinah Laurel Lance. Drake originated from the Earth-2 Gotham City, where she was trained by her father in various martial arts and acrobatics, hoping to join the police force. After being rejected for her gender, Dinah decided to fight crime as a vigilante, inspired by new heroes like the Flash and Johnny Thunder. Adopting the identity of Black Canary, she fought crime in Gotham and joined the Justice Society of America. Dinah eventually left vigilantism after marrying private investigator Laurence Lance and becoming pregnant with their daughter, Dinah Laurel.

Growing up with stories about her mother's exploits, Dinah was inspired to also follow her footsteps and become the next Black Canary. Trained by former vigilante Wild Cat, she learned various martial arts and acrobatics. Laurel also developed the ability to pitch her voice at ultra-sonic levels, due to a metagene within her DNA. Taking her mother's place after graduating high school, the new Black Canary worked prominently with the Justice Society. After meeting the Justice League from Earth-1, she decided to leave the group to join the newer heroes.

At first, Black Canary fought crime in Gotham City alongside Batman, though eventually left to become more active with other heroes. She also became a member of the Justice League, working with them for years. Black Canary eventually began a relationship with the Green Arrow, moving to Star City to help him in his operations. She also co-founded the superheroine team Birds of Prey with Batgirl and Huntress.

In the Mod

Superheroes Unlimited

Black Canary has been available in the mod since version 4.3.5. Her suit can be crafted in the Hero Maker and worn by the player. Doing so will give them Speed 1 (5 when sprinting), Strength 3, Acrobatics 3 and the ability to double-jump. Black Canary can also produce her iconic Canary Cry (hold the Suit Ability 2 Key) and is immune to both slowness and fall damage. If the player has the RenderPlayerAPI mod installed, Black Canary will appear smaller than other characters.


To craft Black Canary's costume in the Superheroes Unlimited, you will need:


After being removed in the move to version 5.0 of the Superheroes Unlimited, Black Canary returned to it in version 4.0 of the Legends Mod. However, her costume was only available to Patreon supporters until 6.0. Black Canary's costume can be accessed through the Suit Assembly Unit, costing and materials 9,000 tokens. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted Health 20, Strength 7, Speed 4 and Acrobatics 3. She will also be gifted with Stealth and Fortitude 1.

Black Canary can let out her Canary Cry (Ability 1 Key), perform a Kick Backflip (Ability 2 Key) and enter Combat (Ability 3 Key). She can also pounce at opponents (Ability 4 Key) and throw Gas Pellets (Ability 5 Key). Black Canary can also block incoming attacks (Equip Ability Key), pickpocket other players (Utility Ability Key) and perform a roll (Class Ability Key). As a special ability, Black Canary will perform the Canary Scream, which will stun opponents and inflict a higher damage rate (Special Ability Key).


In addition to tokens, the following materials are required to craft Black Canary's costume:

Alternative Costumes

The following costumes are available for Black Canary in specific versions of the mods:

  • Arrowverse V1 Suit (Legends 4.0 - Present)
  • Arrowverse V2 Suit (Legends 4.0 - Present)
  • Arrowverse V3 Suit (Legends 4.0 - Present)
  • DC Animated Universe Suit (Legends 4.0 - Present)