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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 24 August 2020

Leaving Perminantly

Hey guys,

I've been thinking about this for a couple of months now, but this time I've decided to leave the wiki for good. I know there are still a lot of pages to add and write, but I've fallen out of favour with the Legends Mod and think the direction the team is heading in isn't good. Furthermore, my mental health has been in flux and I'm certain staying here won't be good for me anymore. It's helped having other users add pages and content, but there's times where it's just been overwhelming keeping this wiki. Furthermore, the changes made by Fandom have given me a nervous breakdown.

If you need to make enquiries, I'd recommend looking on the Legends Mod Discord, especially the guides and FAQs. Also, just a reminders for all those "How t…

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 1 July 2020

Taking Leave Again

Hey Guys, I'm going to need to take some time away from the wiki and the mod. Nothing wrong with all of you, but I've fallen out with the team over a number of issues, mainly how Patreon and feature releases are being handled at the moment. Additionally, there are some personal problems that I've got to deal with, including a poor year at Uni. I'll still check occasionally to help with problems or deal with vandalism. However, I won't be adding pages about mod content or rewrite our current ones. I hope you guys understand and wish you all the best.

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 8 June 2020

Lockdown ends

A month has passed, so I'll be reopening the wiki for anonymous editors again. Just as a warning, it will be shut down permanently if excessive vandalism becomes a problem again.

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 6 May 2020

Wiki Lockdown

Due to an influx of vandalism from anonymous users, I'm locking down the wiki for a month. This may affect features like commenting and bug reporting, but I don't want to encourage any more users to create false categories or remove content. Apologies if you can't turn to here for help, but I'll try to find a way around this and support issues.

In the meantime, if you wish to contribute here, please login or create a Fandom account. Also, if you use this to harm this wiki in any way, you'll face a block or report to Fandom staff.

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 22 October 2018

Temporary Leave

Hey guys, I've decided to leave the wiki for a couple of months. There are a variety of reasons why I'm doing this, including coping with University, work on other projects, lack of free time, and my interests moving elsewhere. You've probably seen that I haven't been active in the last month or so (and possibly longer), so this might not come as a surprise. I'll probably get back into working about December/January, but it will only be temporary and may only add very little.

I will still be monitoring the site and will be involved if anyone attempts to vandalize it. If you do have any queries, feel free to contact or message me, or just put it up as a comment on a page. If you do want to become involved, you're welcome to add/write pages. …

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 29 December 2016

5.0 on the Horizon

The next version of the Superheroes Unlimited mod will be releasing some time next month. It was stated to come out on New Year's Day, but personal problems and overworking has caused the creator, Tihyo, to move the date futher. Anyhow, the new characters that are being added include:

  • Zoom (Hunter Zolomon)
  • Flash (Jay Garrick)
  • Darkseid
  • General Zod

Which character are you all excited for and which character would you like to see added to the wiki?

Side note: I've been trying to add new pages to the wiki this week, but there have been problems trying to access the feature that allows you to do so. Has anyone else been experiencing this, or is it just me?

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Mc dark knight 2013 Mc dark knight 2013 20 October 2016

Iron Man suits or new characters

Thought it was better to ask questions here than in the Watercooler. Anyhow, which would you prefer to see? More Iron Man suits or more characters from the mod. Mark 6 will be added tonight whilst other suits will be added in the near future. However, new characters I'm considering of adding include:

  • Batgirl
  • Black Canary
  • Two-Face
  • Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash
  • Black Panther
  • Wasp
  • War Machine (Since he's also and Iron Man suit, I'll probably add him anyway)
  • Mr. Fantastic
  • Invisible Woman
  • Human Torch
  • Professor X
  • Mandarin

Whichever you want to see, just comment below.

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