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Chucky is a serial killer from the Child's Play film franchise. First appearing in the original Child's Play film (November 1988), he is the spirit of a occult worshiper placed into a "Good Guy" doll. In most of the film's entries, Chucky seeks to place his spirit into a human body, going to deadly lengths to do so. He is widely considered one of the most recognizable villain in horror genre and the most well known example of possession in fiction. Chucky's costume is available as part of the Horror Mod, with it unlockable via the Altar. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted access to his abilities and weapons.


Chucky's real name is Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer and professional criminal who partitioned Voodoo magic. During an encounter with the police, he was mortally injured and left behind by his accomplices. Wondering into a toy store, Chucky transferred his soul into a Good Guy doll to escape certain death. The process destroyed the store with lightning and his body as a result.

The doll with Chucky's soul transferred between different owners, many of which he murdered. Able to function on his own, he sought out his former accomplices, killing them in ways which could be considered accidents or misdirected to other people. Eventually becoming vulnerable in the doll form, Chucky decided to transfer his soul into a human being. Whilst attempting to do so with his current owner, Andy Barclay, he was destroyed by both the child's mother and the officers hunting him down.

Despite this, Chucky was later resurrected with another Good Guy doll, with films heavily implying he may have transferred his soul into all the dolls. Like he had previously, he targeted families with the goal of transferring his soul into bodies or people he blamed for his ultimate fate. Though he often operated alone, Chucky eventually gained help from his former girlfriend Tiffany Valentine, who he also transferred into a doll.

In the Mod

Added into the first release of the Horror Mod, Chucky's costume can be accessed through the Altar, costing 20,000 souls. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted Health 20, Strength 5, Sprinting Speed 4 and Acrobatics 2. Chuck also has Fortitude 5, a Terror radius of 10 blocks, Sinistry 1 and can enter 1 block gaps.

Chucky can also lunge at opponents (Ability 1 Key or Class Ability Key), attack them in a fury (Ability 2 Key) and choke them (Ability 3 Key). He can also bite enemies (Ability 4 Key) and block incoming attacks (Ability 5 Key). Chucky can also equip his knife (Equip Ability Key), which he can also throw at opponents (Utility Ability Key). As a special ability, Chucky will summon a Voodoo Doll of the target player, which he can perform act of harm on from a distance (Special Ability Key).