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The Creeper is a demon appearing in the Jeepers Creepers franchise. First appearing in the film Jeepers Creepers (August 2001), it is a creature that hunts humans every twenty-three years for twenty-three spring days. Often scaring its victims to track them, the Creeper sometimes uses the body parts of its victims to ensure its survival. Though lesser known than some other monsters in the horror genre, the Creeper has a small following and is regarded as one of the most terrifying creatures. The Creeper was added to the Horror mod during the October 2019 update, with his costume available through the Altar. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted access to his abilities and weapons.


Not much is known about the Creeper or it's past before the present day. However, it is known to be other two-thousand years old and operated primarily in Northern Florida. Every twenty-three years, the Creeper would go on a hunting spree for twenty-three days, hunting humans for feeding and using their body parts to replace its own. It regularly chose them by amount of fear, using their scent to track them. By the present day, it had become a urban legend among residents there.

During the hunt of 2001, the Creeper gained attention during three attacks during the last five days of its hunt. The first were twins Darry and Trish Jenner, whom it stalked and attacked before fleeing with the latter. Days later, it targeted a family of farmers who had acquired one of its old hands, taking it to prevent knowledge from being exposed. Along the way, it murdered innocent bystanders and officers hunting it, often indiscriminately.

In the final days of the hunt, relatives of the Creeper's victims finally caught up with it. After a gruelling fight, it went into hibernation in order to survive, leading it to be captured by authorities. Until the next twenty three years of hunt, it assumed that the Creeper will remain in hibernation as a sideshow called "The Bat Out of Hell". However, one wonders whether humans will stand a chance when it awakens for the next hunt...

In the Mod

The Creeper's winged form

The Creeper was added to the Horror mod during the October 2019 update, though remained a Patreon Exclusive character until June 2020. Its costume can be accessed through the Altar and costs 48,000 souls. Whilst wearing the Creeper's costume, the player will be granted Health 20, Attack Damage 20, Sprinting Speed 4 and Acrobatics 4. The player will also be granted Fortitude 7, Regeneration 4 and a Terror Radius of 10 blocks. The Creeper also has Sinistry 2, can climb walls and Stealth abilities.

The Creeper's Hood

The Creeper can equip and use a variety of weapons, including his axe (Equip Ability Key), shurikens (Ability 1 Key), daggers (Ability 3 Key) and spear (Ability 4 Key). Creeper can also use a set of batwings, which he can use to attack enemies (Ability 2 Key) or grant the ability to fly (Ability 5 Key; disables Stealth and Wall Climbing). The player will also be able to block attacks (Class Ability Key) and track victims by scent As a special ability, the Creeper will perform "Jeepers Creepers", which displays his Gilled Hood to intimidate victims, increases his Fortitude to 8 and Terror Radius to 15 blocks (Special Ability Key).