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The Gill-Man, also called the Creature, is a monster from Universal Pictures' Creature trilogy. First appearing in Creature from the Black Lagoon (February 1954), it is a member of an amphibious race who ruled the Amazon rainforests. Having been captured and mistreated by scientists, it usually seeks to destroy the human race. However, the creature seems to retain a soft-spot for some. First added to the Horror mod in during Legends 3.0, the Gill-Man's body can be accessed through the altar. It can be worn by the player, granting them access to its powers and abilities.


The Gill-Man is a member of an unnamed amphibious humanoids hailing from the Amazon rainforests. Its species is believed to have flourished in the Devonian period of Earth's history, where it was worshipped by many of the native tribes as gods. However, the Gill-Man's species had disappeared before the arrival of colonialists and it's believed that it is the last survivor. Retreating to the unexplored Black Lagoon, it continued to survive there until at least the mid-20th century.

Around this time, the Gill-Man was uncovered by a scientific expedition of the Lagoon. With its territory intruded upon, it stalked and killed many of its members, though was later hunted down and forced to flee due to its injuries. Gill-Man was later captured by later attempt, where it was brought to the Florida Keys and used as a tourist attraction. It was able to escape again, going on another rampage until apparently being killed by police response.

The Gill-Man seems to have remained in the Florida area since its relocation, thought there have been multiple attempt to capture it. Some have also tried to frame it for killing sprees and study its biology. One tale has also suggested that the creature may have humanoid lungs, meaning it's just as capable as surviving on land. Some creatures resembling the Gill-Man have also been seen around the world, though it's unclear whether it is the creature itself or another member of its species.

In the Mod

The Gill-Man was first added to the Horror Mod during the Legends Mod's 3.0 update, though was only available to Patreon Supporters until version 5.0. His body an be accessed through the altar and costs 32,000 souls. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted Health 20, Attack Damage 18, Sprinting Speed 1 and Jump Boost 1. The Gill-Man will also have Fortitude 7, Regeneration 2 and Knockback Resistance. It also has a Terror Radius of 20, Sinistry 1 and Wounding 1. The Gill-Man also has a Dweller abilities, which will grant him Attack Damage 22, Regeneration 3, Sinistry 2 and Night Vision when in darkened areas.

Gill-Man can also toss opponents (Ability 1 Key), break through walls (Ability 2 Key) and choke victims (Ability 3 Key). The player can also enter brutality mode to increase their Attack Damage to 20 (Ability 4 Key) and Lunge at opponents (Ability 5 Key). The Gill-Man also has Enhanced Swimming (Equip Key) and stalk victims (Utility Key). As a Special Ability, Gill-Man uses its Devonian Beast, allowing it to grab victims and crush them with its enhanced strength (Special Key).