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Green Arrow is a superhero published by DC Comics. First appearing in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941), the character is a master archer who uses his skills and a variety of trick arrows to fight crime. Initially created as a rival to Batman, Green Arrow is recognized as one of the first archery themed superheroes and inspired similar ones, such as Hawkeye. Available through the Superheroes Unlimited mod, Green Arrow's costume can be crafted in either the Hero-Maker or Suit Assembly Unit. Whilst wearing it, the player will be allowed to his abilities and equipment, including his bow and trick arrows.


Green Arrow's civilian identity is Oliver Queen, a billionaire, owner of Queen Consolidated and former playboy. From a young age, he idolized the folklore hero Robin Hood and would learn archery to follow the characters' example. However, after loosing his parents, Oliver would spend his family's wealth thrill seeking and began neglecting his responsibilities. This lifestyle lead to him loosing access to his family's fortune and organization.

Whilst touring the islands in the South China Sea, Oliver was shipwrecked and stranded on the uncharted deserted island Lian Yu. Creating a makeshift bow and arrows out of the resources he could find, he used to help his chances of survival. After years of living alone, Oliver discovered criminals operating on the island. Leading a rebellion, he defeated the criminals and secured escaped for the captives held on the island. Returning to the United States, Oliver decided to fight crime and help those whom were not as lucky in life as him, adopting the identity "Green Arrow".

Green Arrow would fight crime in his native Star City, particularly in the slums known as the Glades, and later Seattle. These fights would bring him into conflict with criminals, including archery master Merlyn, mind-disorienting Count Vertigo, Traid leader China White, the time-obsessed Clock King, and dark vigilante Prometheus. His operations would be joined by various others, including bodyguard John Diggle, computer hacker Felicity Smoak, and his ward Roy Harper. Green Arrow would later join the Justice League, later forming the Outsiders with the superhero Batman. During his time in the League, he would meet and become romantically involved with the vigilante Black Canary.

In the Mod

Green Arrow was first added to the Superheroes Unlimited mod in version 1.3. He was available until version 4.3.12. Green Arrow was removed in the abandoned version 5.0, though was planned to featured in the finished version.

In version 4.0 - 4.3.12, Green Arrow's costume can be crafted in the Hero-Maker and can be worn by the player. Wearing it will give the player Strength 2, Speed 2 (whilst sprinting), Acrobatics 2, the ability to double jump (double tap the Space Bar) and immunity to fall damage. Players will also be given the Archery effect, meaning that they will be able to fire bows more accurately. The player will also be able to access Green Arrow's Bow (Weapon Equip Key), which will allow them to use his trick arrows (Suit Ability 3 Key to switch, must be in inventory to use).

Trick Arrows

The following are trick arrows the player can use as Green Arrow in the Superheroes Unlimited:

  • Green Arrows - Accuracy is increased and damage to targets is increased
  • Boxing Glove Arrow - The target is knocked backwards, though damage is decreased
  • Web Arrow - A web spawns upon impact, trapping the target
  • Explosive Arrow - The arrow is attached with an explosive device, exploding upon impact
  • Greek Fire Arrow - The target is set on fire by the arrow
  • Sleeping Gas Arrow - The target is given Blindness 4 and Slowness 5, along with 1 hp of damage


To craft Green Arrow's suit, you will need:

  • 16 Green Cloth
  • 3 Green Stained Clay
  • 3 Leather
  • 2 Emeralds
  • A Feather

Green Arrow was added to the Legends Mod in version 4.0, though was only available to Patreon supporters until version 6.15. His costume can be accessed through the Suit Assembly Unit, costing 7,500 tokens. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted Health 20, Strength 8, Sprinting Speed 4 and Acrobatics 3. Green Arrow is also granted Fortitude 3, Mental Defense 1 and can use Stealth based abilities.

Green Arrow can also equip his bow (Equip Ability Key), allowing the use of trick arrows (Ability 5 Key to select). Additionally, the player can select Double Arrows (Ability 4 Key while aiming) and a Grapple Arrow (Utility Ability Key). Green Arrow can also perform a roll (Ability 1 Key) and block incoming attacks (Class Ability Key). The player can also perform a Bow Bash (Ability 2 Key) and enter Combat (Ability 3 Key). As a Special Ability, Green Arrow will perform "You Have Failed This City", firing his cryogenic arrow before barraging opponents with explosive arrows (Special Ability Key).

Trick Arrows

The following arrows can be selected by Green Arrow with the Ability 5 Key:

  • Normal Arrows
  • Explosive Arrows
  • Tear Gas Arrows
  • Fire Arrows
  • Cryogenic Arrows
  • Boxing Glove Arrows

The following arrows can be crafted and equipped by Green Arrow:

  • Kryptonite Arrows


In addition to tokens, the following materials are required to craft Green Arrow's costume:

Alternative Costumes

The following are alternative costumes available for Green Arrow in specified versions of the mod.

  • Arrowverse V1 Suit (Legends Mod 4.0 - Present)
  • Arrowverse V2 Suit (Superheroes Unlimited 4.0 - Present)
  • Arrowverse V3 Suit (Legends Mod 4.0 - Present)
  • Arrowverse V4 Suit (Legends Mod 4.0 - Present)
  • Arrowverse V5 Suit (Legends Mod 4.0 - Present)
  • New 52 Suit (Legends Mod 4.0 - Present)