Minecraft Legends Mod Wiki

This page is intended to help explain how to install the Legends Mod. Links to the mod versions' downloads will be available at https://www.tihyo.com/downloads.


  1. Download, install and run Minecraft version 1.7.10
  2. Download, install and run Minecraft Forge for version 1.7.10, as the relevant files will not be installed unless you do so for the first time.
  3. Download the Legends Mod file from MediaFire (be careful as there are dodgy adverts and pop-ups associated with the AdFly) and save the file.
  4. Go to file directory %appdata% and open .minecraft file.
  5. Open file location (usually the Download location) and find "1Legends-1.7.10-[version number]" file.
  6. Copy or move the Legends Mod into the mods file in .minecraft.
  7. Run Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 with the Legends Mod, to ensure that the mod works.


Before you install the maps, please ensure you've downloaded, installed and run the Legends Mod in Minecraft, as relevant files will not be added if you have not done so. Please note, these files will need to be downloaded separately and, to install properly, do not visit dimensions like Outer Space before you add them.

  1. Download the map files relevant to the Legends Mod version (e.g. 5.0 maps for 5.x versions).
  2. Save files and unzip them (right click and select "Extract All...").
  3. Enter %appdata%/.minecraft and open "legends" folder (will not be installed unless you've run the Legends Mod in Minecraft first).
  4. Move the unzipped "maps" file into the folder.
  5. Run Minecraft with the Mod and, in a test world, visit the Observatory. If you spawn in empty space, you have not installed maps properly.