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The Jedi Consular is a legacy available for the Star Wars mod. First added in its first public release, it allows players to use certain Force abilities related to force powers. It is the Jedi equivalent to a Sith Inquisitor and is available to the player via a Jedi Holocron. The legacy's alignment is light and its maximum rank will be 10. In 7.0, Legacies don't have a rank anymore.

In 7.0, upon committing to this legacy, you gain a Force Potential of 180, Strength 1, Acrobatics 1, Fortitude 2 and Mental Defense 3. Available classes are Tank, Controller, Force (Dash) and Phase.


The following abilities are available to Jedi Consulars in 7.0 and can be unlocked via a Jedi Holocron, for certain Legacy skill points. All assignable abilities can be set to certain Key Bindings, with the exception of the Equip Key (which is set to Lightsaber ignition) and Special Key (which is reserved for Special abilities).

Ability Type Skill Point Cost Effect
Cleanse Crystal Assignable 0 Use the power of the light side to purify a kyber crystal, cleansing it. Hold desired crystal in hand when cleansing, right-click toggles off.
Crystal Harvest Assignable 0 Allows user to harvest kyber crystals from the planet Ilum
Telepathy Passive 0
Force Sight Assignable 10 Allows you to see others and their alignment through the Force. Lightsiders will appear blue, darksiders will appear red, and those who remain neutral will appear white. Lasts 15 seconds.
Force Push Assignable 10 Use your telekinesis to push objects away. Deals 10 damage. Drains 5 energy.
Force Pull Assignable 10 Use your telekinesis to pull objects towards you. Deals 1 damage.
Breath Control Passive 10 Increases your lung capacity underwater by allowing the Force to constantly flow through you.
Levitation Assignable 20 Use the Force to hover above the ground for a limited amount of time.
Dual Wielding Assignable 10 Master the art of dual wielding, turning any object into a weapon. When dual wielding, it increases your attack speed.
Force Jump Passive 10 Augments your speed by channeling the Force through your legs.
Force Speed Assignable 20 Augments your speed by channeling the Force through your legs for 5 seconds. Drains 30 energy.
Force Lift Assignable 50 Levitate and throw targets with the Force. When lifting an opponent, the target can't hurt you with melee attacks. You can control where you move them by where you look. If you punch while you still have enough energy, you will throw them backwards. Right-click toggles off. Drains 20 as long as the move is active.
Saber Throw Assignable 20 Use your telekinesis to throw your lightsaber and control it in the air, dealing 10 damage each hit. Grounds target for 5 seconds.
Force Crush Assignable 50 The most advanced version of Force Wound, Force Crush crushes victims in the air, incapacitating them. It is closely related to Force Lift except when you punch it crushes the victim, dealing 12 damage in total. Right-click toggles off. Drains 40 energy.
Electric Judgement Assignable 30 Use your vast knowledge of the Force to perform a powerful light side variant of Force Lightning called Electric Judgement, inflicting 10 damage in a flash of orange lightning, staggering your opponents in the process.
Force Valor Assignable 50 Increases your Force capabilities, allowing you to temporarily regain Force energy quicker. Lasts for 3 seconds.
Shatterpoint Staggerable 40 Use the Force to perceive faults in your opponent, able to exploit them. Allows you to see a target's health, durability and oxygen for 5 seconds, dealing 20 damage upon activation. Staggers target for 5 seconds. Damage is absolute, bypassing any damage reduction.
Phase Class 30 Pass through solid objects. Grants invulnerability to attacks not electric, ice, sound, psychic, or blood force based for 0.5 seconds. Right-click to toggle off.
Battle Mind Assignable 30 Augments your fighting morale and spirit, increasing your strength and speed while you temporarily regain Force energy quicker. Damage is reduced by 75% for 10 seconds.
Force Leap Assignable 15 Use the Force to boost yourself in the air.
Force Absorb Assignable 40 Transfer energy into the Force, dissipating it. Right-click toggles off. Drains 30 energy as long as the move is active.
Force Healing Assignable 20 Accelerate your natural healing process through meditation over 10 seconds.
Force Confusion Assignable 15 Use the Force to confuse an opponent, nauseating them. Deals 4 damage, grounding targets for 5 seconds.
Mind Trick Staggerable 25 Use the Force to implant a suggestion in the minds of those you encounter, subjugating them to your will. Staggers all opponents in the direction you're facing. Drains 25 energy.
Force Stun Assignable 25 Temporarily stun a target, slowing them down. Lasts for 5 seconds.
Force Stasis Staggerable 30 A more advanced version of Force Stun, Force Stasis allows you to completely freeze and stagger a target in place for 5 seconds.
Force Stasis Field Staggerable 50 A more advanced version of Force Stasis, Force Stasis Field allows you to completely freeze and stagger multiple targets in place for 5 seconds. Drains 50 energy.
Force Deflection Assignable 30 Deflect incoming objects and projectiles with the Force, voiding damage from them.
Revitalize Assignable 30 Revitalize a target, healing them over time. Must be up close and looking at the target. Indicated by repairing animation. The duration is dependant on how much force you have left. Right-click toggle off.
Force Barrier Assignable 50 Create a shield from Force energy that can be used to protect those inside as well as repel those outside. Only guild members are allowed inside the barrier. Right-click toggles off.
Force Burst Special 100 A chargeup of Force energy is expelled in a burst, dealing 90 damage on impact. Staggers opponents for 5 seconds.