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The Joker is a supervillain published by DC Comics. First appearing in Batman #1 (April 1940), he is a criminal based around clowns, jokes and humor. The Joker often performs various crimes to either entertain himself or get the attention of his mortal enemy, Batman. He is regularly seen as the arch-nemesis of the superhero and considered one of greatest villains in popular culture. First added in the Superheroes Unlimited mod in version 1.3, Joker is available as either a boss or playable character, depending on the version of the mod. His costume can be accessed through either the Villain Maker or Suit Assembly Unit, giving the player access to his weapons and abilities.


No one knows who the Joker was before he came into conflict with Batman, seemingly including the Clown Prince of Crime himself. There have been multiple attempts to give the character a name (most commonly "Jack Napier") and origin story, though these are often contradicted or retold differently. Some stories have linked Joker with a criminal alias called the Red Hood, an established criminal in Gotham known for committing elaborate heists. When confronted by Batman during one at ACE Chemicals, the criminal fell into a chemical vat, leading to his skin being bleached white and his hair green. This lead to him taking on the new alias of the Joker as a new identity.

According to one account, Joker was a former worker at the chemical plant who quit to pursue his lifelong dream to become a comedian. Failing and having to look after a pregnant wife, he turned to crime by helping a group of criminals break into the plant, who provided the moniker of the Red Hood to disguise him. This lead to the fateful encounter with Batman and the fall into the chemical vat. Afterwards, the man learned that his wife and unborn child died in a household accident. Having lost his sanity, the man denounced his former life and became the Joker.

Regardless of how he began, Joker was one of the first supervillains to confront Batman in Gotham, often performing elaborate schemes to gain the Dark Knight's attention. These included announcing his planned murders on live TV or the radio, trying to copyright fish injected with his toxin, or kidnapping Batman's ally, Commissioner Gordon, and trying to break his sanity. The Joker would also be responsible for many tragedies in the Caped Crusader's life, including the crippling of Barbara Gordon and the death of Jason Todd. Batman himself has at times contemplated killing him off to prevent further bloodshed, though this has sometimes lead to further chaos (in other realities).

In the Mod

Superheroes Unlimited

The Joker was first added to the mod in version 1.3. Though initially a boss, his costume was made available to craft and wear in version 4.0.

4.0 - 4.3.12

Joker's Boss Form

In version 4.0 to 4.3.12, the Joker is available as both a playable character and as a boss. If fighting as a boss, Joker will attack the player with melee attacks and poisons. He is a Tier 2 supervillain, meaning he can be beaten as all characters in lower hero tiers. Defeating him will earn the player drops of Joker Cards, which can be thrown like Batarangs, and a knife.

The player can craft Joker's costume in the Villain Maker. Whilst wearing it, they are given Speed 2, Strength 1 and immunities to both poison and fall damage. They can also use an acid flower (Suit Ability 1 Key) and spawn in a knife (Weapon Equip Key) and razor cards (Suit Ability 3 Key).


To craft Joker's suit in 4.0-3.12, you will need:

5.0 (Alpha)

Joker's costume is available in the alpha versions of the abandoned 5.0. It can now be crafted in the Suit Assembly Unit, the Villain Maker having been removed. When worn by the player, the costume grants them 24 Health, Attack Damage 5, Speed 1 whilst sprinting, and Jump Boost 1. Joker has access to a variety of weaponry, including a knife (Weapon Equip Key), his pistol (Suit Ability 2 Key to equip) and his cards (Suit Ability 3 Key). Joker can also use his acid flower (Suit Ability 1 Key), release his Joker Toxin (Suit Ability 4 Key), and throw grenades (Suit Ability 5 Key). He is immune to both his Joker toxin, poisons and can negate fall damage.


To craft Joker's suit in 5.0, you will need:


Joker is also available in version 6.0, now part of the Legends Mod. He is accessible through the Suit Assembly Unit and costs 18,000 tokens. Whilst wearing his costume, the player will be granted Health 20, Strength 5, Speed 2 when sprinting, Acrobatics 1 and Fortitude 3. Joker is also immune to various types of poison, including Joker Toxin.

In addition, Joker will be able to use an acid-spraying flower (Ability 1 Key), throw Joker Cards (Ability 3 Key) and grenades (Ability 5 Key). Players will also be able to equip his pistol (Ability 4 Key) and a knife (Equip Key) and pickpocket other players (Utility Key). As a special ability, Joker will release his Joker toxin into the area, poisoning anyone within the vicinity (Special Key).


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