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To use abilities in the Legends Mod, the player will need to press the relevant key. Using legacies, different abilities can be tied to a certain key bindings. However, character have theirs fixed to a certain one. The ability key binding can be changed in the Controls options.

Default Settings

The following is the default key bindings for the abilities:

Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Ability 5 Equip Utility Special Class
R F C V G X H Z Right-Click (pre-6.0)
Left Alt

Ability Bindings

The following lists present the different suit or character abilities that are fixed to these key bindings.

Ability 1

Character Ability
Abomination Scattershot
Ant-Man Leap (whilst shrunk)
Batman Quick-Use Gadget
Black Adam Lightning Bolt
Black Canary Canary Cry
Black Flash Vortex Arms
Black Panther Extract/Retract Claws
Captain America Shield Throw (with Captain America's Shield)
Captain Cold Ice Beam (aiming Cold Gun)
Daredevil Roll
Deadpool Katana Blitz
Flash (Barry Allen) Vortex Arms
Flash (Jay Garrick) Vortex Arms
Flash (Wally West) Vortex Arms
General Zod Heat Vision
Green Arrow Roll
Heat Wave Flamethrower (aiming Heat Gun)
Hulk Scattershot
Iron Man (Mark 1) Flamethrower
Iron Spider Web-Shooter Swing (Web-Shooter Mode)
Primary Repulsor (Repulsor Mode)
Joker Acid Flower (default)
BANG! (aiming Joker's Pistol)
Kid Flash Vortex Arms
Nightwing Quick-Use Gadget
Red Hood Equip Knife
Red Hulk Scattershot
Red Robin Quick-Use Gadget
Reverse-Flash Vortex Arms
Robin (Damian Wayne) Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Dick Grayson) Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Jason Todd) Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Tim Drake) Quick-Use Gadget
Scarecrow Fear Gas
Shazam Lightning Bolt
Spider-Man Web-Shooter Swing
Stark Underarmor Primary Repulsor
Supergirl Heat Vision
Superman Heat Vision
Thor Throw Mjölnir
Turtle Kinetic Drain
Vision Optic Beams
Wasp Stingers
Wolverine Extract/Retract Claws
Wonder Woman Bracelet Block
Zoom Vortex Arms

Character Ability
Chucky Lunge
Creeper Shuriken
Dracula Vampiric Bite
Freddy Krueger Use Manifestation (in Dream Realm)
Gill-Man Toss
Jason Voorhees Toss
Leatherface Toggle Chainsaw Mode
Michael Myers Toss
Wolf Man Canine Bite

Coming Soon

Ability 2

Character Ability
Abomination Smash
Ant-Man Summon Ants
Batman Gliding
Black Adam Lightning Strike
Black Canary Kick Backflip
Black Flash Increase Speed
Black Panther Wall Climbing (Claws extracted)
Captain America Shield Slice
Captain Cold Arctic Barrage (with Cold Gun)
Daredevil Backflip Kick
Deadpool Shoot Pistols
Flash (Barry Allen) Increase Speed
Flash (Jay Garrick) Increase Speed
Flash (Wally West) Increase Speed
General Zod Frost Breath
Green Arrow Bow Bash
Heat Wave Fire Barrage (with Heat Gun)
Hulk Smash
Iron Man (Mark 1) Super Punch
Iron Spider Web-Shooter Pull
Joker Fire Joker's Pistol (whilst aiming)
Kid Flash Increase Speed
Nightwing Utility Belt
Red Hood Fire Pistols
Red Hulk Smash
Red Robin Gliding
Reverse-Flash Increase Speed
Robin (Damian Wayne) Crawl
Robin (Dick Grayson) Crawl
Robin (Jason Todd) Crawl
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Crawl
Robin (Tim Drake) Crawl
Scarecrow Obsession
Shazam Lightning Strike
Spider-Man Web-Shooter Pull
Stark Underarmor Secondary Repulsor
Supergirl Frost Breath
Superman Frost Breath
Thor Asgardian Butcher
Turtle Forcefield
Vision Physical Disruption
Wasp Sting-Rays
Wolverine Wall Climbing (Claws extracted)
Wonder Woman Lasso Grab
Zoom Increase Speed

Character Ability
Chucky Fury
Creeper Wing Attack
Dracula Blood Lust
Freddy Krueger Nightmare Push (in Dream Realm)
Gill-Man Wall Break
Jason Voorhees Wall Break
Leatherface Wall Break
Michael Myers Wall Break
Wolf Man Wall Climbing

Coming Soon

Ability 3

Character Ability
Abomination Thunder Clap
Ant-Man Size-Alteration
Batman Combat Mode
Black Adam Combat Mode
Black Canary Combat Mode
Black Flash Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)
Black Panther Combat Mode
Captain America Combat Mode
Captain Cold Ice Shield (aiming Cold Gun)
Daredevil Combat Mode
Deadpool Healing Factor
Flash (Barry Allen) Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)
Flash (Jay Garrick) Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)
Flash (Wally West) Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)
General Zod Super Breath
Green Arrow Combat Mode
Heat Wave Concussive Blast (aiming Heat Gun)
Hulk Thunder Clap
Iron Man (Mark 1) Seismic Toss
Iron Spider Repulsor (V2)
Joker Throw Joker Card
Kid Flash Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)
Nightwing Combat Mode
Red Hood Combat Mode
Red Hulk Thunder Clap
Red Robin Combat Mode
Reverse-Flash Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)
Robin (Damian Wayne) Combat Mode
Robin (Dick Grayson) Combat Mode
Robin (Jason Todd) Combat Mode
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Combat Mode
Robin (Tim Drake) Combat Mode
Scarecrow Violent Dancing
Shazam Combat Mode
Spider-Man Web-Shooter Recoil
Supergirl Super Breath
Superman Super Breath
Thor Lightning Stream
Turtle Kinetic Swipe
Vision Cannonball
Wasp Size-Alteration
Wolverine Combat Mode
Wonder Woman Combat Mode
Zoom Decrease Speed / Reset Speed (with Crouch Key)

Character Ability
Chucky Choke
Creeper Equip Creeper's Dagger
Dracula Teleportation
Freddy Krueger Nightmare Pull (in Dream Realm)
Gill-Man Choke
Jason Voorhees Choke
Leatherface Butcher
Michael Myers Choke
Wolf Man Scent Tracker

Coming Soon

Ability 4

Character Ability
Abomination Seismic Toss
Ant-Man Electronic Interference
Batman Night Vision
Black Adam Seismic Toss
Black Canary Pounce
Black Flash Toggle Vibrate
Black Panther Equip Hard-Light Shield
Captain America Super Uppercut
Captain Cold Ice Shard (aiming Cold Gun)
Daredevil Super Uppercut
Deadpool Equip Pistols
Flash (Barry Allen) Toggle Vibrate
Flash (Jay Garrick) Toggle Vibrate
Flash (Wally West) Toggle Vibrate
General Zod Telescopic Vision
Green Arrow Double Arrow (aiming Bow and Arrows)
Heat Wave Heat Wave (aiming Heat Gun)
Hulk Seismic Toss
Iron Man (Mark 1) Rocket Launcher
Iron Spider Web Net
Joker Equip Joker's Pistol
Kid Flash Toggle Vibrate
Nightwing Night Vision
Red Hood Night Vision
Red Hulk Seismic Toss
Red Robin Night Vision
Reverse-Flash Toggle Vibrate
Robin (Damian Wayne) Night Vision
Robin (Dick Grayson) Night Vision
Robin (Jason Todd) Night Vision
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Night Vision
Robin (Tim Drake) Night Vision
Scarecrow Terror Aura
Shazam Seismic Toss
Spider-Man Web-Shooter Net
Supergirl Telescopic Vision
Superman Telescopic Vision
Thor Lightning Strike
Turtle Rocket Shell
Vision Telescopic Vision
Wasp Electronic Interference
Wasp Electronic Interference
Wolverine Pounce
Wonder Woman Super Breath
Zoom Toggle Vibrate

Character Ability
Chucky Bite
Creeper Equip Creeper's Spear
Dracula Blood Vision
Freddy Krueger Block
Gill-Man Brutality
Jason Voorhees Machete Throw
Leatherface Block
Michael Myers Exhaustion
Wolf Man Pounce

Coming Soon

Ability 5

Character Ability
Abomination Ground Pound
Ant-Man Change Size-Alteration Level
Batman Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Black Adam Lightning Oppression
Black Canary Throw Gas Pellet
Black Flash Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)
Black Panther Scent Tracker
Captain America Charging Star
Captain Cold Ice Grenade (aiming Cold Gun)
Daredevil Scent Tracker
Deadpool Throw Grenade
Flash (Barry Allen) Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)
Flash (Jay Garrick) Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)
Flash (Wally West) Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)
General Zod Ground Pound
Green Arrow Switch Arrow
Heat Wave Fire Bomb (aiming Heat Gun)
Hulk Ground Pound
Iron Man (Mark 1) Ground Pound
Iron Spider Toggle Mode
Joker Throw Grenade
Kid Flash Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)
Nightwing Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Red Hood Throw Grenade
Red Hulk Ground Pound
Red Robin Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Reverse-Flash Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)
Robin (Damian Wayne) Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Dick Grayson) Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Jason Todd) Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Robin (Tim Drake) Switch Quick-Use Gadget
Scarecrow Throw Grenade
Shazam Lightning Oppression
Spider-Man Web Grenade
Supergirl Ground Pound
Superman Ground Pound
Thor Ground Pound
Turtle Throw Grenade
Vision Increase Density
Wasp Change Size-Alteration Level
Wolverine Block
Wonder Woman Ground Pound
Zoom Wall Run (at Speed Level 4)

Character Ability
Chucky Block
Creeper Wings
Dracula Bat Form
Freddy Krueger Select Manifestation (in Dream Realm)
Gill-Man Lunge
Jason Voorhees Block
Leatherface Toggle Chainsaw on/off
Michael Myers Obession
Wolf Man Block

Coming Soon

Equip Ability

Character Ability
Abomination Tracking
Ant-Man Summon Antony
Batman Utility Belt
Black Adam Thunder Clap
Black Canary Block
Black Flash Phase (whilst vibrating)
Black Panther Throw Energy Daggers
Captain America Equip Shield
Captain Cold Equip Cold Gun
Daredevil Equip Billy Club
Deadpool Equip Katanas
Flash (Barry Allen) Phase (whilst vibrating)
Flash (Jay Garrick) Phase (whilst vibrating)
Flash (Wally West) Phase (whilst vibrating)
General Zod Heightened Perception
Green Arrow Equip Bow
Heat Wave Equip Heat Gun
Hulk Transform
Iron Man (Mark 1) Dual Flamethrowers
Iron Spider Waldoes
Joker Equip Knife
Kid Flash Phase (whilst vibrating)
Nightwing Equip Escrima Sticks
Red Hood Equip Pistols
Red Hulk Transform
Red Robin Equip Bo Staff
Reverse-Flash Phase (whilst vibrating)
Robin (Damian Wayne) Equip Katana
Robin (Dick Grayson) Equip Bo Staff
Robin (Jason Todd) Adrenaline Rush
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Equip Bo Staff
Robin (Tim Drake) Equip Bo Staff
Scarecrow Equip Scythe
Shazam Tranform
Spider-Man Electric Web Shot
Spider-Man (Homecoming) Gliding
Supergirl Heightened Perception
Superman Heightened Perception
Thor Equip Mjölnir
Turtle Shell Defence
Vision Phase
Wasp Combat Mode
Wolverine Healing Factor
Wonder Woman Equip Lasso of Truth
Zoom Phasing (whilst vibrating)

Character Ability
Chucky Equip Chucky's Knife
Creeper Equip Creeper's Axe
Dracula Demonic Form
Freddy Krueger Enter/Exit Dream Realm
Gill-Man Enhanced Swimming
Jason Voorhees Equip Jason's Machete
Leatherface Equip Leatherface's Chainsaw
Michael Myers Equip The Shape's Knife
Wolf Man Transform

Coming Soon

Utility Ability

Character Ability
Abomination Leap (with Jump Key)
Ant-Man Toggle Helmet
Batman Detective Mode
Black Adam Lightning Mode
Black Canary Pickpocket
Black Flash Enter Speed Force
Black Panther Invisibility Mode
Captain America Throw Grenade
Captain Cold Pickpocket
Daredevil Toggle Billy Club Mode
Deadpool Teleport
Flash (Barry Allen) Heightened Perception
Flash (Jay Garrick) Heightened Perception
Flash (Wally West) Heightened Perception
General Zod X-Ray Vision
Green Arrow Select Grapple Arrow
Heat Wave Pickpocket
Hulk Leap (with Jump Key)
Iron Man (Mark 1) Rocket Boost
Iron Spider Vision Zoom
Joker Pickpocket
Kid Flash Heightened Perception
Nightwing Detective Mode
Red Hood Compartments
Red Hulk Leap (with Jump Key)
Red Robin Detective Mode
Reverse-Flash Heightened Perception
Robin (Damian Wayne) Detective Mode
Robin (Dick Grayson) Detective Mode
Robin (Jason Todd) Detective Mode
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Detective Mode
Robin (Tim Drake) Detective Mode
Scarecrow Pickpocket
Shazam Lightning Mode
Spider-Man Toggle Spider-Sense
Supergirl X-Ray Vision
Superman X-Ray Vision
Thor Dimension Travel (currently disabled)
Turtle Pickpocket
Vision Self-Repair
Wasp Pickpocket
Wolverine Scent Tracker
Wonder Woman Equip Sword and Shield
Zoom Heightened Perception

Character Ability
Chucky Knife Throw
Creeper Fear Scent
Dracula Hypnosis Mastery
Freddy Krueger Pull in Dream Realm
Gill-Man Stalk
Jason Voorhees Stalk
Leatherface Equip Leatherface's Sledgehammer
Michael Myers Stalk
Wolf Man Stalk

Coming Soon

Special Ability

Character Ability
Abomination Blinding Blows
Ant-Man Giant-Man
Batman Bat Swarm
Black Adam Lightning Barrage
Black Canary Canary Scream
Black Flash Fatal Touch
Black Panther Panther's Prey
Captain America AMERICA!
Captain Cold Absolute Zero
Daredevil Baton Bash
Deadpool Power Within
Flash (Barry Allen) Lightning Throw
Flash (Jay Garrick) Invisibility
Flash (Wally West) Infinite Mass Punch
General Zod Kryptonian Combatant
Green Arrow You Have Failed This City
Heat Wave Ring of Fire
Hulk World Breaker
Iron Spider Repulsor Webbing
Joker Joker Toxin
Kid Flash Sonic Punch
Nightwing Electric Bird
Red Hood Gunslinger
Red Hulk Heated Rage
Red Robin Identity
Reverse-Flash Vibrating Fist
Robin (Damian Wayne) Vengeful Assassin
Robin (Dick Grayson) Robin's Reckoning
Robin (Jason Todd) Brash Undertaking
Robin (Stephanie Brown) Monitor
Robin (Tim Drake) Identity
Scarecrow Fear Unbound
Shazam SHAZAM!
Spider-Man Web Barrage
Supergirl Recklessness
Superman Solar Flare
Thor God Blast
Turtle Pulse Wave
Vision Solar Beam
Wasp Giant-Woman
Wolverine Berserk Rage
Wonder Woman Bracelet Bash
Zoom Snappy Shockwave

Character Ability
Chucky Voodoo
Creeper Jeepers Creepers
Dracula Demonic Fury
Freddy Krueger Nightmare (in Dream Realm)
Gill-Man Devonian Beast
Jason Voorhees Unkillable
Leatherface Massacre
Michael Myers The Boogeyman
Wolf Man Moonlight Madness

Coming Soon

Class Ability

Unlike other abilities, the Class Ability will be bound to character roles / classes.

Class / Role Ability
Tank Block
Controller Roll
Healer Healing
Marauder Lunge
Juggernaut Ramming

Previous Versions

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