Minecraft Legends Mod Wiki

To use abilities available to the different characters, the player will need to press a key on their keyboard. In order to work, the user must know what to press. These are the different key-bindings for Suit Abilities. Depending on the character, the number of and functions of each suit abilities will change. The following are key bindings for version 5.0's alpha stages.

Weapon Equip

The Weapon Equip key will place a weapon, gadget or device into the players hand. It will change depending on the character, though will use an ability for some characters. By default, the Weapon Equip Key will be assigned to the "X" key.

Character Ability
Catwoman Equip Whip
Deadpool Equip Katana
Deathstroke Equip Sword
Flash (Barry Allen) Phasing (Must be Vibrating)
Flash (Jay Garrick) Phasing (Must be Vibrating)
Flash (Wally West) Phasing (Must be Vibrating)
Iron Man (Mark 43) Toggle Aiming
Joker Equip Knife
Kid Flash Phasing (Must be Vibrating)
Nightwing Equip Escrima Sticks
Reverse-Flash Phasing (Must be Vibrating)
Robin (Damian Wayne) Equip Staff
Robin (Dick Grayson) Equip Staff
Robin (Jason Todd) Equip Staff
Robin (Tim Drake) Equip Staff
Thor Equip Mjölnir
Ultron-5 Aim
Zoom Phasing (Must be Vibrating)

Suit Ability 1

Suit Ability 1 is the first and usually most simplest of the characters' abilities. By default, it should be bound to the "R" key.

Character Ability
Ant-Man Leap (when shrunk)
Batman Quick-use Gadget
Darkseid Omega Beams
Flash (Barry Allen) Arm Vortex
Flash (Jay Garrick) Arm Vortex
Flash (Wally West) Arm Vortex
General Zod Heat Vision
Hulk Leaping (w/ Space Bar)
Iron Man (Mark 43) Fire Repulsors (must be Aiming)
Joker Acid Flower / "BANG" (if aiming Joker's Pistol)
Kid Flash Arm Vortex
Nightwing Quick-use Gadget
Red Hulk Hulk Smash/Leaping (w/ Space Bar)
Reverse-Flash Arm Vortex
Robin (Damian Wayne) Quick-use Gadget
Robin (Dick Grayson) Quick-use Gadget
Robin (Jason Todd) Quick-use Gadget
Robin (Tim Drake) Quick-use Gadget
Scarecrow Use Fear Toxin
Spider-Man Web-Shooter Swing
Supergirl Heat Vision
Superman Heat Vision
Thor Throw Mjölnir (needs to be in hand)
Ultron-5 Concussion Blast (must be Aiming)
Vision Optic Beam
Wolverine Extract/Retract Claws
Zoom Arm Vortex

Suit Ability 2

Suit Ability 2 is the second ability and power the character will have. By default, it will be bound to the "F" key.

Character Ability
Batman Gliding
Darkseid Teleport
Deadpool Equip Pistol / Fire Pistol (if aiming gun)
Deathstroke Equip Pistol / Fire Pistol (if aiming gun)
Flash (Barry Allen) Increase Speed (Max 20)
Flash (Jay Garrick) Increase Speed (Max 20)
Flash (Wally West) Increase Speed (Max 21)
General Zod Frost Breath
Hulk Hulk Smash
Iron Man (Mark 43) Shoulder-Mounted Guns (must have bullets in inventory)
Joker Equip Joker's Pistol / Fire (if aiming gun)
Kid Flash Increase Speed (Max 20)
Nightwing Gliding (DCAU only)
Red Hulk Ground Pound
Reverse-Flash Increase Speed (Max 20)
Robin (Damian Wayne) Dash
Robin (Dick Grayson) Dash
Robin (Jason Todd) Dash
Robin (Tim Drake) Dash
Supergirl Frost Breath
Superman Frost Breath
Thor Conjure Lightning Strike (Mjölnir in hand)
Ultron-5 Self-Repair
Vision Self-Repair
Wolverine Dash
Zoom Increase Speed (Max 26)

Suit Ability 3

Suit Ability 3 is the third ability a character will have. By default, it will be bound to the "C" key.

Character Ability
Catwoman Crouch
Darkseid Psionic Sheild
Deadpool Teleport
Deathstroke Equip Staff
Flash (Barry Allen) Decrease Speed
Flash (Jay Garrick) Decrease Speed
Flash (Wally West) Decrease Speed
General Zod Super Breath
Hulk Dash
Iron Man (Mark 43) Laser (must be Aiming)
Joker Equip Joker Cards
Kid Flash Decrease Speed
Red Hulk Thunder Clap (w/ punch)
Reverse-Flash Decrease Speed
Robin (Damian Wayne) Crouch
Robin (Dick Grayson) Crouch
Robin (Jason Todd) Crouch
Robin (Tim Drake) Crouch
Scarecrow Equip Snapping Straw
Spider-Man Climb Walls
Supergirl Super Breath
Superman Super Breath
Thor Conjure Lightning Stream (Mjölnir in hand)
Ultron-5 Optic Beams
Vision Increase Density
Wolverine Track Players/Mobs
Zoom Decrease Speed

Suit Ability 4

Suit Ability 4 is the fourth ability that the character has. By default, it will be bound to the "V" key.

Character Ability
Ant-Man Size Reduction
Batman Toggle Night Vision
Darkseid Telepathy (normal size) / Ground Pound (enhanced size)
Deathstroke Equip Knife
Flash (Barry Allen) Vibrate
Flash (Jay Garrick) Vibrate
Flash (Wally West) Vibrate
Hulk Thunder Clap
Iron Man (Mark 43) Fire Rockets (must be aiming and have rockets in inventory)
Joker Joker Toxin
Kid Flash Vibrate
Nightwing Toggle Night Vision
Reverse-Flash Vibrate
Spider-Man Speed Blitz
Ultron-5 Toggle Night Vision
Vision Intangibility
Zoom Vibrate

Suit Ability 5

Suit Ability 5 is given to the fifth ability for a character. By default, it will be the "G" key.

Character Ability
Ant-Man Size Enhancement / Giant-Man (with 2 Pym Particles)
Batman Toggle quick-use gadget
Darkseid Change Size
Deadpool Throw grenades
Deathstroke Throw grenades
Flash (Barry Allen) Run up walls
Flash (Jay Garrick) Run up walls
Flash (Wally West) Run up walls
General Zod Ground Pound
Hulk Ground Pound
Iron Man (Mark 43) Unibeam
Joker Throw grenades
Kid Flash Run up walls
Nightwing Toggle quick-use gadget
Reverse-Flash Run up walls
Robin (Damian Wayne) Toggle quick-use gadget
Robin (Dick Grayson) Toggle quick-use gadget
Robin (Jason Todd) Toggle quick-use gadget
Robin (Tim Drake) Toggle quick-use gadget
Spider-Man Web-Shooter Net
Supergirl Ground Pound
Superman Ground Pound
Thor Ground Pound (Mjölnir in hand)
Ultron-5 Gamma Blast (must be Aiming)
Zoom Run up walls

Utility Ability

Utility Ability is given to an extra ability for a character, usually to help them in situations. By default, it will be bound to the "H" key.

Character Ability
Flash (Barry Allen) Heightened Perception
Flash (Jay Garrick) Heightened Perception
Flash (Wally West) Heightened Perception
General Zod Heightened Perception
Iron Man (Mark 43) Toggle Mask
Kid Flash Heightened Perception
Reverse-Flash Heightened Perception
Supergirl Heightened Perception
Superman Heightened Perception
Zoom Heightened Perception