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Korriban, also known as Moraband and Pesegam, is a planet from the Star Wars universe. First appearing in Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith 2: The Quest for the Sith (November 1994), it is the planet located in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy and the place of origin for the Sith Order. Devastated by the many wars that have taken place on the surface, Korriban's terrain consists mainly of red sand deserts and mountains. Added into the Star Wars mod before its official release, players can visit Korriban to become a Sith Lord.

In the Mod

Sith Temple.png

If the player has enabled the Star Wars mod and maps have been installed correctly, they will be able to visit Korriban through use of a Galactic Console. Travelling to the planet will cost the 10 tokens. Korriban consists of various mountains and deserts, much of which consisting of red sand or sandstone. The player will be able to visit the Sith Temple, where they can unlock the Sith legacies through Darth Evo and gain equipment from Darth Burok. They can also explore the ruins, where they can find a Lightsaber Forge.