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A Kryptonian is a legacy available in the Superheroes Unlimited. First added in version 1.0 of the Legends Mod, it allows players to use powers similar to Superman. The Kryptonian legacy can be accessed through the Metahuman Powers Unit and its maximum tier level is 5.


Kryptonians are an alien race of humanoids from the planet Krypton. Unlike humans, they are granted abilities by yellow star light, such as enhanced strength, heightened reflexes and senses, Heat Vision, Frost Breath and Flight. Kryptonians also naturally more highly intelligent than most other species, even developing many technologies long before other civilizations did. While in the presence of a red star (such as the one Krypton orbited), Kryptonians are rendered powerless and are relatively as physically powerful as humans.

Most Kryptonians were killed by the destruction of Krypton, the cause of which depends on the continuity. However, some escaped or survived by various methods, such as being off-planet or trapped within the Phantom Zone. Some of the well-known Kryptonians include Superman, Supergirl, Krypto the Super-Dog and General Zod.

In the Mod

You can select the Kryptonian legacy and level up via a metahuman power unit. Upon selecting the Kryptonian legacy, the player will granted Strength 5, Speed 10 (When sprinting,) Jump Boost 3, Fortitude 2, Mental Defense 1, Regeneration 1 (at an altitude of 300, Regeneration 2, and at an altitude of 500, Regeneration 3,) and Fire Resistance 2. Through ranking up, the player gains Strength 28, Speed 30 (when sprinting,) Jump Boost 3, Fortitude 10, Mental Defense 2, Regeneration 2 (at an altitude of 300, Regeneration 3, and at an altitude of 500, Regeneration 4,) and Fire Resistance 2. Additionally, Kryptonians are immune to bullets, poison, radiation, smoke screen, and fall damage. Furthermore, they also have Vacuum Adaptation, Enhanced Vision, and Step Assist. Kryptonians are weak to the Kryptonite item, and Red Sun Radiation.