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Leatherface is a serial killer from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film series. First appearing in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (October 1974), he is a member of a psychotic family who operate in the Texas State. Leatherface is widely recognised as one of the genre's best known "slashers" and is known for the graphic murders of his victims. Unlike many others in the genre, he lacks many super-human abilities and is not explicitly tied to supernatural elements. First added to the first version of the Horror mod, Leatherface's costume can be accessed through the Altar. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted to his weapons and abilities.


Leatherface's full name is Jedidiah Sawyer, a member of the psychotic Sawyer family living in Texas. Various tales are told about Jedidiah's past, with some suggesting that he was born under a different name but informally adopted into the family. However, most agree that he was formerly employed at a meat processing plant, where he acquired many of the skills he would employ as a serial killer.

Before the events that brought him into notoriety, Sawyer suffered a facial disfigurement, though the circumstances behind it change depending on the teller. However, it is known that he began creating a mask to cover it after his first confirmed kill, which earned him the name "Leatherface". Sawyer would often murder victims who either were brought in by family members or who stumbled into their house obliviously. Many of these were usually performed out of perceived self-defence or at the insistence of his relatives.

Leatherface and the Sawyers' actions would be discovered during 1974, where one of their intended victims escaped. Various events are said to have happened after this, with one claiming they continued their actions uncompromised. Others claim that the Sawyer family was killed by a angry mob, with Leatherface being the only survivor. What is known is that Leatherface continued his murderous actions, though he has always avoided capture and/or certain death.

In the Mod

Leatherface was first added to the Horror mod in its first version. His costume can be accessed through the Altar, costing 30,000 souls to gain. Whilst wearing it, the player will be granted Health 20, Attack Damage 10, Speed 4 and Jump Boost 1. In addition, Leatherface has Fortitude 5, Sinistry 1 and Terror Radius 20.

Leatherface can equip his chainsaw (Equip Key), which he can toggle on and off (Ability 5 Key). The player will also be able to toggle the weapon's mode (Ability 1 Key). The two modes available are attack mode, inflicting higher damage, and harvesting mode, allowing them to cut wooden objects quicker.

Leatherface can also equip a sledgehammer (Utility Key), which he use to stun victims (Ability 3 Key). The player will also be able to block attacks (Ability 4 Key) and break through walls (Ability 2 Key). As a special ability, Leatherface will perform "Massacre", which he will swing his chainsaw wildly and inflict higher damage (Special Key).