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Lightsaber Forges are blocks available in the Star Wars mod. First added in its first public release, they can be found on the planets Tython and Korriban. They can be used to craft Lightsabers and Saberstaffs, which can be used by Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. They cannot be crafted though Crafting Tables or other means, but must be found by players.


If maps are installed correctly, the Lightsaber Forges can be found on Tython and Korriban.

On Tython, a Light Lightsaber Forge can be found in a small shrine in the mountains. A trail leading to it can be found at the Jedi Temple's front garden.

On Korriban, a Dark Lightsaber Forge can be found within the ruins near the Sith Temple.


A Lightsaber in Crafting at a Forge

Lightsaber Forges can be interacted with, regardless of the player's alignment. However, it is recommended they commit to a Jedi or Sith legacy in order to use the Lightsabers. To craft a Lightsaber, they player must collect the components required from either Master Harkis or Darth Burok. Saberstaffs can be constructed by combining two lightsabers in the righthand corner on the Forge's interace.