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Luke Skywalker is a character from the Star Wars franchise. First appearing in the film Star Wars (May, 1977), he is a member of the Rebel Alliance and later Jedi Order. Through the training by . Added into the Legends Mod version 6.0, Luke's outfit can be crafted in the Suit Forge. Whilst wearing it, the player will be able to access his Force abilities and powers.


In the Mod

Luke Skywalker's costume was first added to the Legends Mod in version 6.0 as part of the Star Wars pack. Available to Patreon supporters, his costume can be accessed though the Suit Forge, costing 60,000 Galactic Credits. Whilst wearing Luke's costume, the player will have Health 20, Force Potential 200 and Force Jump. They will also be granted Strength 8, Acrobatics 3, Fortitude 2 and Mental Defense 3.

Luke's costume will allow them to equip his Lightsaber (Utility Ability Key) and ignite it (Equip Ability Key). This will increase their attack damage by 20 hit points and allow them to block certain projectiles. Luke will also be able to perform Force Lift (Ability 1 Key), Force Absorb (Ability 2 Key) and the Jedi Mind Trick (Ability 3 Key). The player will also be able to use Force Valor (Ability 4 Key) and Force Status Field (Ability 5 Key). As a special ability, Luke will perform Electric Judgement, which conjures a light-side based lightning barrage that significantly damages and stuns opponents (Special Ability Key).


In addition to the credits, the following materials are needed to craft Luke's outfit:

Alternative Costumes

The following costumes are available to Luke Skywalker in certain mod versions.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2 variant