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Outer Space is a dimension available in the Legends Mod. First added in version 1.0, it is a vast vacuum that takes up most of the area in the Universe, surrounding Earth and all other planets. Due to its lack of oxygen, Space is a vacuum that will suffocate regular humans exposed to it and, in some cases, drain oxygen from the body entirely. Only those who can survive without it can last in space, including Kryptonians, robots and celestial creatures. Other lifeforms must be protected in a vacuum sealed environment to do so, such as a spacesuit or a spaceship.

In the Mod

The Observatory

Space was planned to be added into the Superheroes Unlimited and the Star Wars mods before their merger into the Legends mod. Using either an Observatory Comlink or flying to coordinate y1000, the player will be able to enter space. However, if they are in survival mode and are not wearing a character costume with suffocation immunity, exposure to the vacuum of space will suffocate and kill them. If the player has installed maps correctly, the Observatory will spawn in space at coordinates x0 y0 z0. It provides both a breathable atmosphere, storage and living facilities, and transportation to other planets.