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The Shocker is a supervillain published by Marvel Comics. First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #46 (March 1967), he is a criminal that utilizes shockwaves and vibration based technology. The Shocker is primarily an enemy of the superhero Spider-Man and considered part of his core rogues gallery. However, he has joined other villainous organizations and battled other superheroes occasionally. Added into the Superheroes Unlimited during the Legends Mod version 6.0, Shocker serves as a boss fight during the Kingpin Takedown mission. He serves as the first enemy for players to defeat before continuing.


The Shocker's true identity is Herman Shultz, a professional criminal and inventor from New York City. Despite being a gifted student in science and engineering, he dropped out of High School to pursue a career in crime. Becoming an expert thief and safecracker, Shultz was hired to break into everything from wealthy targets to larger organizations. Eventually, he was caught by the authorities and sent to Ryker's Island prison.

Whilst in prison, Shultz used the resources he could gain to develop a pair of gauntlets which emitted high-vibrational blasts. Using them, he broke out of prison and restarted his career as a superpowered criminal called "the Shocker". Robbing many of New York's banks with ease, the Shocker gained the attention of Spider-Man. After a number of encounters, the Web-Crawler defeated him, leading to his reincarceration.

Shocker would return on multiple occasions to perform crimes across the city, though these were often stopped by Spider-Man. To combat the hero, he would sometime work with other criminals in his rogues gallery, including Doctor Octopus, Kingpin and the Sinister Six. Shocker would also join multiple villain teams, often as a smaller component in a larger scheme. This often brought him into conflict with other superheroes, including Ant-Man and the Avengers.

In the Mod

Shocker was added to the Superheroes Unlimited during the Legends Mod update 6.0 as a boss, with his model based on the version seen in the PS4 Spider-Man game. He serves as the first boss and enemy in the Kingpin Takedown Global Alert Mission. Shocker has 1000 Health and Regeneration 2. His attacks vary from attacking in melee to utilizing his shock gauntlets to performing shock blasts or shockwave attacks at the player. After defeating Shocker, the player will teleported to the next stage, and given 5,000 tokens and 10 xp levels. It is recommended that the player confront him with a tier 4 or above character, or as part of a group.