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A Stark Workbench is crafting station in the Superheroes Unlimited mod. First added in version 4.0, it can be used to craft Iron Man's suits and items required to make them, including Repulsors and Stark Tech.

In the Mod

4.0 - 5.0 Alpha

In the Superheroes Unlimited 4.0 to the abandoned 5.0's Alpha, the Stark Workbench can be used as regular Minecraft workbench. With a 3x3 grid, the player can use it to create shaped recipes and craft Iron Man suits and items. These include repulsors, Iron Man armor plates and new Arc Reactors. The player must be wearing an Iron Man suit in order to access the Workbench, as it will not allow them to interact with it if they do not.


Stark Workbench interface in Superheroes Unlimited 6.0

When the Superheroes Unlimited was merged into the Legends Mod, the Stark Workbench's functionality changed. Now, the player can unlock the Iron Man suits with tokens, though will need to unlock each suit in order. Additionally, the Workbench can provide the player with the Stark legacy, which will allow them to create Iron Man suits without the use of tokens. Instead, they will need to use their own resources to craft each suit.


Stark Workbench Recipe (Superheroes Unlimited 4.0 - 5.0 Alpha)

To craft the Stark Workbench in Superheroes Unlimited 4.0 to 5.0, you will need:

Stark Workbench Recipe (Superheroes 6.0/Legends Mod)

To craft the Stark Workbench in the Legends Mod/Superheroes Unlimited 6.0, you will need:

Crafting Usage

The following suits and costumes can be accessed through a Stark Workbench in specific versions of the mod:

The following items can be crafted in a Stark Workbench: