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Tython is a planet from the Star Wars universe. First mentioned in Star Wars: Rebellion (February 1998) and first appearing in Darth Bane: The Rule of Two (December 2007), it is one of the Deep Core worlds in the Galaxy and the presumed origin point of the Jedi Order. A vibrant planet full of wildlife, the planet contains vast plains, mountains, forests and deserts. Added into the Star Wars mod before its official release, players can visit Tython to become a Jedi Knight.

In the Mod

Jedi Temple.png

If the Star Wars Mod has been enabled and maps have been correctly installed, the player will be able to visit Tython through Galactic Console. Travelling to the planet will cost them 10 tokens. There, the player will be able to visit the Jedi Temple and commit to a Jedi based legacy. They will also be able to find a small hut with Master Harkis, who will provide the player with Lightsaber components, Jedi clothing and armor. From the front garden of the Jedi Temple, there is a path that leads to a small shrine. A Lightsaber Forge can be found there and used by the player to craft their own lightsaber.