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Wakanda at day

Wakanda is a fictional country in Marvel Comics. First appearing in The Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966), it is the home and place of operations for Black Panther, and one of the most prosperous areas in Africa. The country is also popular with industrialists, due to its high quantities of the metal Vibranium, a rare metal that Captain America's shield is made out of and one of the components in the indestructible alloy Adamantium.

In the Mod

Wakanda's cave systems

In the Superheroes Unlimited Mod versions 4.0 to 4.3.12, Wakanda is a dimension that can be visited, either as one of Black Panther's abilities or through use of a Wakanda Map. The country is completely made out of Jungles and Savannahs, though its generation will be similar to Overworld in Minecraft. Wakandian villages can be found on the surfaces, comprising of many different buildings and citizens.

Below the surface, the world will comprise of cave systems and various different ores. Wakanda is the only place where Vibranium Ore will generate, meaning it would have to be visited to unlock Black Panther, Wolverine, Ultron or various Iron Man suits, as well as multiple trades with Stan Lee. Wakanda is also be affected by day/night and weather cycles on the Minecraft overworld. Removed in version 5.0, Wakanda returned during the merger into the Legends Mod. It retains many of the same features and functions.